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Dec 7, 2012 12:00am PST
-- >> rose: significant. >> so significant. because there was a pareto -- brother-in-law in the tribal areas. i think one's going to lead you to the family member. he got killed in a drone strike a couple within six months when this whole thing happened. up until then they thought maybe he's going to be -- >> money for walk-ins family and the courier. i'm sure there were many others. >> rose: they were dedicated. i want to look at some clips here so we can identify the quality of the action here. this is the scene in which the c it a operative maya played by the extraordinary jessica chastain. briefs the troops on two narratives about bin laden. >> you'll notice the panels similar to what we use on the b2. they've been muffled with decibel killers -- but it can hyde what do we need these for, it's certainly anti-air -- >> do you want to brief him? >> there are two narratives about the location of osama bin laden. the one you're familiar with is ubl is hiding in a cave in the tribal areas surrounded by a large contingent of loyal fighters. that narrative is pre 911 ... understanding of
Dec 5, 2012 12:00pm PST
looking that great in libya right now, so with we need to understand a that there are the law of unintended consequences is always at work in these situations. >> rose: i have heard you say two things. one is that you begin to worry that your concern about the welfare of the men and women in harm's way, you might have too for lack of a better word, had a stronger place in your decision al structural than it ought to be, am i right about that? >> i became to worry i had become too protective of them. >> rose: secondly you seemed to be saying, i began to worry that we didn't know what would be the consequences and that worried you too. and in some sense of how things could get out of control and that it became -- am i real ng you right on that? >> absolutely. >> rose: so those are the two things when weighing the factors to step down that had weight on the decision to step down now? >> when we look at history for a second -- >> i will give you a concrete example. i opposed the intervention in libya. this is not a vital, this is not of vital national interest, and we are already in
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)